Management Consulting

Many of our clients are cutting their staff in to part-time workers or eliminating their positions all together. Of course, the business still needs to operate and the accounting function is a critical component.

Our management consulting services offers a range of options to help your company weather the storm. Whether it is temporary help to ease the transition or outsourcing controller functions, our financial expertise suits companies of many  sizes and numerous industries.

If you want your company to continue to grow, we will assess the reliability of your accounting records and use that information to help you plan for the future.

D&B's management consulting services offers all of the following:

     • Accounting System Integration

     • Controllership (temp/permanent/contracted)

     • Cash Flow Management

     • Budgeting, Forecasting & Projecting

     • Internal Control Reviews

For more information about our management consulting services, please contact Don or Brent to set up a complimentary needs assessment. You may also submit a form through our contact us page.
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